Saturday, August 11, 2012

Emery & Baby N #2

I know everyone always tells you that every pregnancy will be different but this one has only had it's subtle differences. I think most of the differences have been because this baby is head down and Emery was breech. She was basically sitting on my pelvis. :) I feel sooo much smaller this pregnancy. I thought I'd recap my pregnancy this go round. It might be neat the next time to look back and think about the differences between the last two and this one. :)




1 Trimester 

  • Doctor Visits-Heart rate in the 160's. I found out that I had a cyst but that it was just related to my pregnancy. They decided to do a couple of extra sonograms to make sure that the size gradually decreased.
  • Symptoms-REALLY nauseous from week 8 to week 17! I had to eat constantly. As weird as it may seem...Wendy's double stack cheeseburgers were about the only thing that made my stomach feel better. I had morning sickness and had to use cinnamon toothpaste to brush my teeth to keep from gagging.
  • Cravings-Cheese, Wendy's double stack cheeseburgers
Baby N#2
  • Doctor Visits-Heart rate in the 150's. A small cyst this time but nothing to warrant any extra sonograms.(bummer!)
  • Symptoms-REALLY TIRED!! The exhaustion about did me in this time. I think I could have slept all day. Thank goodness I have an amazing husband that gave me plenty of time to rest when I needed it. Nauseous between meals and need snacks during the day but not as bad as with Emery. Morning sickness begins and continues through week 22 this time. It was especially bad if I didn't get enough rest.
  • Cravings-Not anything specific this time. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups were eaten by the hand full. :) Pretzels made a great mid day snack.
2nd Trimester

  • Doctor Visits-Heart rate about the same if I remember right. Cyst is GONE! 
  • Symptoms-Still having morning sickness and nausea. Surprisingly not that tired and don't have to use the bathroom any more than normal.(Unlike most of my friends)
  • Cravings-Cheese, Pizza, Coke Icee's
Baby N#2
  • Doctor Visits-Heart rate in 160's. Found out that I am anemic and have to begin taking iron. Baby is measuring a little small but sono tech says nothing to worry about since the baby is due a growth spurt soon.
  • Symptoms-Still tired but after I started my iron pills I began to feel alot better during the day. Baby is moving like CRAZY! I feel like he/she is doing flip flops in there all day long. Have to use the bathroom what feels like a million times a day. :) I can't believe how much toilet paper we are going through! hahaha! Morning sickness wanes from every day to just every now and again.
  • Cravings-Pretzels, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
3rd Trimester

  • Doctor Visits-Heart rate in 160's. Have gained about 45 pounds by the end. Doctor is okay with my weight. Blood Pressure is low(like normal). Find out that baby is breech at 30 weeks and she stays that way until we schedule a c section for 39 weeks.
  • Symptoms-Feet and face are VERY swollen! Heartburn sets in every time I eat. I can't eat as much even though I am VERY hungry. I did not pass my 1 hour glucose test so I have to take the 3 hour glucose test. I DID pass the 3 hour test!  I am beginning to just feel miserable and ready for the end. I am not nesting at all. I'd rather sit on the couch than do anything else.
  • Cravings-Pizza, Cheese, Coke Icee's
Baby N #2
  • Doctor Visits-Heart rate in the 150's. Have gained about 30 pounds. Blood pressure is still low. Usually 106/70 something. We schedule my c section for 39 weeks. Baby is still head down. 
  • Symptoms-Sooo tired!!! The couch is my best friend which sometimes makes me feel like a baby mommy but I'm doing my best. :) 
I didn't pass my 1 hour test.(surprise surprise) and had to take the 3 hour test.  I forgot how horrible that sugary water is! It seems like the sweet was really overpowering this time! So glad I passed! 

Of course I'm still getting up a couple of times a night to use the bathroom and going through even more toilet paper during the day! :) 

Indigestion is setting in every time I eat. I thought it was just spicy food but it's everything! I have to sleep with two pillows under my head to stay elevated or the acid wakes me up half the night.

The baby is still moving around like crazy which is sometimes rather painful since there really isn't anymore room in there. I feel like it's constantly trying to stretch my skin even more! :)

Even thought it's 100+ degrees outside I'm trying REALLY hard to keep the feet swelling down by staying off my feet as much as possible.

Nesting like CRAZY! Making to do list after to do list and working on finishing the baby room and hanging things up in our house. Nothing like last minute decorating! :) I'm definitely keeping Larry busy! :)

  • Cravings-FRUIT, pizza, dessert(any and everything), spicy foods(tacos, pico de gallo)

So, what do you think? Based on my comparison, is this baby a girl or boy? I say girl but everyone else is saying boy. Everyone thought Emery was a boy I guess we will see soon! August 27th couldn't come any faster! :)

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  1. I say boy! Your second pregnancy sounds like my first with Jacob and your 1st sounds like my second 2 with Rebekah and Hannah. That is my guess but who knows! I swore my 3rd was a boy and we were well surprised! :) Can't wait to hear!